How To Apply (International)

Guidelines for visa application
All International Students should check their eligibility status via email at Prospect students have to complete the application form attached with relevant documents such as scan copies of your passport and Academic certificates, which are recognised by the Ministry of Education. KLMUC will sent a Conditional Offer Letter and assisting Applicants in completing and submitting their application documents, as well as transfer the payment of initial fees.
All applicants are advised to submit their application at least eight (8) weeks (2 months) prior to the commencement date of the intake to avoid any unnecessary delay in the admission process. Please complete and submit the International Student Application Form with documents listed on your Application Check list.
If your application is successful, we will issue a Letter of Offer to you. If your application is unsuccessful, we will inform you. After the issuance of the Letter of Offer, we will submit your student visa application to the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) in Malaysia on your behalf. This VAL process will take approximately 1 to 2 months.
Arrival arrangement
We would recommend that you visit the Education Malaysia Global Services where you will find further information on this.
International students studying in Malaysia are required to have a valid student visa. For your entry into Malaysia, you would need to have a single entry visa. To get a single entry visa, please make an application at the Malaysian Embassy or Consulate at your home country. A copy of our offer and E-Visa Approval Letters (E-VAL) must be attached together with your application for the visa processing. Please find these two documents in this guide.
The fastest and convenient way to travel to Malaysia is through air travel. You would need to check the best flight from your home country either via a direct or interconnected flight. Should it be an interconnected flight, please observe the rules and regulation of the transit country and airport to avoid any inconvenience.

We would like to recommend that you arrive in Malaysia during non-public holiday and office hours to ensure smooth processing at the Immigration Quarantine Hall. Office hours are between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm (Monday – Friday). Please arrive before the Registration Day to ensure smooth admission and orientation into your programme.
Upon arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) / KLIA 2, you will be greeted by a representative from KLMUC at the Immigration Quarantine Hall. Please be advised that you will only be allowed to exit the Immigration area to enter Malaysia if you are escorted by an authorised personnel from our University. It is important that you complete the ‘Arrival Information Form” (included in the Appendix) and scan it back to us 14 days prior to your arrival to allow us to make necessary plan.
  • Passport book
  • Single entry visa
  • Offer letter
  • E-Visa approval letter (E-VAL)
  • Arrival Information form
  • Your original education and English language certificates
  • International student guide and arrival information form
  • Essential clothing suitable for Malaysia (tropical weather)
  • Clothing suitable to attend classes and tutorials
  • Personal belonging for personal neatness
  • Sufficient cash/travelers cheque for living expenses for the duration of two months prior to opening your own bank account in Malaysia
  • Prescribed medications/medical equipment/aids (kindly refer to for further details)
  • Any other essential things to make your stay in Malaysia comfortable
Post Arrival
Please arrive during our office operating hours, Monday to Friday, between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm. You will be accompanied directly to KLMUC campus to meet our International Student Office (ISO) representative. If for some unavoidable reasons you arrive outside operation hours or on a Malaysian public holiday, you will be sent to your desired address only within the Kuala Lumpur area.
KLMUC provides student accommodation services limited to first come first serve basis. It is an executive suites (ready to move in) at a monthly rental of RM 800 (USD 200) with 2 months deposit (RM 1600/USD400).It is optional for all first year international students to be staying at the University provided accommodation (In-Campus). If you want / does not want to stay at hostel, please tick “yes” or “No” in the hostel accommodation column in the application form.

Should you have to source your accommodation off-campus, please make the necessary arrangement before arriving to Malaysia. You may refer to the various property search engines accessible online for rental arrangement that provide you the information on type of property, cost, facilities and area of your preference.

If you wish for any assistance, kindly send your query to student feedback or refer to Section 3 for some of the main websites on properties for rental.  
Within seven days of your arrival in Malaysia, you would need to perform a medical checkup at an authorised clinic as part of the requirement for your visa approval. The list of panel clinics is available at You would then be issued a confirmation slip by the clinic as proof that you have completed your medical checkup and you would then need to submit to ISO for record-keeping.

Medical checkup is part of the requirement to obtain a student pass.If you fail the medical checkup, you would need to leave the country within 14 days from the date of receiving the medical checkup results. You will bear all the associated costs for your return journey.
Registration for new students is conducted at the beginning of each semester, the date of the Registration Day is stated in our offer letter. You will only be allowed to attend the aforementioned programme in our offer letter. Any changes to the programme upon your arrival would require approval from the Immigration Department of Malaysia and the cost shall be borne by you. For this, please consult ISO ( and our Admission & Graduation Department.

Classes will be conducted at Block A, Wisma Sachdev, Jalan Raja Laut, 50350 Kuala Lumpur which are accessible via public transport.

Class attendance is strictly monitored by our lecturers. You may be barred from taking final examination if the class attendance for a subject is less than 70%. International students are required to fulfill 80% of class attendance for each subject enrolled in every semester. Students whose attendance is less than 80% shall have their names submitted to the Immigration Department of Malaysia for record purposes which may affect their student visa renewal.  
It is your responsibility to ensure that your student visa is valid at all times. All completed documents and Education Malaysia Global Services Sdn. Bhd. processing fee in the form of debit transfer and the receipt must be submitted to ISO two months before the expiry of the student visa. KLMUC shall not be responsible for any charges and compound (by the Immigration Department of Malaysia) or any other implications caused by overstay due to late or incomplete submission.

You must meet the minimal expectation of 80% class attendance for each subject enrolled in every semester. If you are unable to attend a particular class due to health reasons, please inform the respective lecturer immediately and provide a medical certificate to substantiate your absence. The Immigration Department of Malaysia may not renew your student pass if your Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) fall below 2.0.  
Additional Information
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Foreign embassies and consulates in Malaysia

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