All graduates of Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College are automatically considered members of KLMUC Alumni Association. On this page, you can connect with our 14,000 plus alumni, with alumni in every state and more than 40 countries.

We invite you to stay in contact with the university, expend your social interaction and networking – meet new friends and make this page as our port of call, where we can meet virtually.

Take advantage of a life-long connection with a world-wide community by joining our regular meeting event and various give back programs that benefit the university, current students and alumni.

We are fortunate to have these group of people who devote their time, ideas and commitment running the event under KLMUC Alumni Association.

Back row from left: Mohammad Iskandar bin Eddy Syardi (Vice President), Mohd Asyraf bin Abdullah (Treasurer), Mohamad Fadhil bin Thalhan (President), Mohammad Zaid bin Shukuri (Exco of Public Relation), Mohammad Azamuddin bin Holis@Ahmad (Exco of Media), Ahmad Redha Aydeed bin Ahmad Kamil (Exco of Sponsorship).

Front row from left: Yuliana Yusuf (Senior Executive, Student Affairs and Alumni, KLMUC), Nurfatin Sakinah bt Mohd Salleh (Alumni members), Nor Rasyidah binti Mhd Idris (Secretary).


Hello Alumni! Welcome to back to KLMUC Community.
Please register and update your personal details here : https://forms.gle/7zkoDr2hoLeJaYZc9
You are welcome to join us in our communication channel below:
Whatsapp group : 0133277711 | FB group : KLMUC Alumni by Yuliana


If you have any inquiry, please contact KLMUC Student Affairs and Alumni Officer
Mdm Yuliana Yusuf : Yuliana.yusuf@klmuc.edu.my | 0133277711



Dear alumni,
Student Services Department foresee the hardship of our student to survive during pandemic Covid-19.
We have approached KLMUC Alumni Association to help our student via Alumni Give Back Program as follows:

Program A
Halal & Healthy Food Bank
We need you to help. You may send in your contribution to KLMUC Campus in Jalan Raja Laut Kuala Lumpur or just buy the groceries from your favourite apps and send it to us.

Program B
Monetary Contribution
Alumni members voluntarily deposit their contribution to college. The fund to be utilised for student development program organized by KLMUC Student Affairs and Alumni. Please contact our officer in-charge to assist for your fund transfer.
Frequency: Voluntary basis. Target collection per year RM1000

Program C
Engagement with Current Student
Alumni members voluntarily offer to deliver talk/ seminar/ site visit to their workplace for our current student.
by KLMUC Student Affairs and Alumni will be the liaison office to bridge the program accordingly.
Frequency : 2 engagement session per semester ( 6 times a year)
Please fill up the form here as our guest speaker for the engagement session : https://forms.gle/7zkoDr2hoLeJaYZc9


If you have any inquiry, please contact KLMUC Student Affairs and Alumni Officer
Mdm Yuliana Yusuf : Yuliana.yusuf@klmuc.edu.my | 0133277711