Dear Students,



Based on the KLMUC Policy and Procedures, Special Examination is available for students who are
unable to attend the scheduled dates or time due to unexpected events outside their control
during the examination period such as:
- Illness supported by medical certificate
- Death of an immediate family member

Please note that special consideration and approval for Special Examinations is for unforeseen
event as above. Scheduling a trip or holiday during the advertised exam period or incorrectly
noting your exam date and time will not be considered.

In order to apply for the special examination, you are required to submit the Appeal to sit for the
SPECIAL EXAMINATION to the Examination, Scheduling & Graduation Unit Level 1, KLMUC or
email to within 3 days from the date of the missed examination.

Student must:
1. Fill in the application form for Special Examination from the Admission Counter
2. Please attach the supporting documents together with the form (MC, etc.)
3. Make payment at the Credit Control Counter (if any)
4. Submit the form to the Examination, Scheduling and Graduation Unit.
5. Fee for Special Examination is RM 100 per subject

The application fees is non-refundable and the application for special examination is subject to the
University Exam Board’s approval. Special Examination will be conducted during the First Week of
the new semester. Examination Slip will be distributed manually by the Examination, Scheduling &
Graduation Unit.

If you have any further questions on the above matters, please contact .

Thank you.

Special Examination June 2020 can be downloaded here.


Online Examination Rules and Regulation can be downloaded here.