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Engineering & Applied Technology

Faculty of Engineering at KLMUC offers skilled engineering programmes in the areas of telecommunication technology and network technology as a platform for students to expand their horizon in the skilled-engineering field – with many other programmes lined up to be introduced in the near future to meet the highly competitive industry needs. At KLMUC, students will have direct hands-on experience in developing the specific engineering skills through the comprehensive syllabus which gives strong emphasis on hands-on programme projects and theory, industry standard laboratories, equipment, tools as well as highly dedicated team of lecturers who have extensive experience in the field.

Why Study Engineering & Applied Technology

Practical Based Learning

  • Focus on “Real World Practice” through experiential learning – skills learnt are directly applicable in working environment
  • Hands on with industrial equipment such as:
    • Electronic test equipment such as Voltmeter, Ohmmeter, Galvanometer and etc.
    • Spectrum Analyzer such as swept-tuned spectrum analyzer
    • Software such as Microsoft Studios, Microsoft Office, SDK for Java, C++, Python and etc.
    • Operating System such as Windows 7, Windows Server, Linux
    • Final project involves producing new technology products such as website development, network system and Telecommunication product including FM Transmitter, Wireless Microphone, Robotics application project and etc.

Industry Exposure

  • Study visits to IT/ Networking/ Engineering companies i.e. MIMOS, TM, Maxis, Digi, Petronas ICT, RTM, Flextronics Technology
  • Expose to the current industry and technology to be applied in class projects
  • Experience the real working environment and give a sense on the different job opportunities available for future career planning
  • Internships – most students intern at established companies in related industries including Petronas ICT, MISC Berhad

Broad Career Path

  • The syllabus of the programmes offered are driven by market demand.
  • Opportunities are wide open in a variety of converging industries and technologies.
  • The Engineering and Applied Technology studies is a very diverse field of study to cater for varied career paths for graduating students to choose from. They could either become an Engineer, Technologist and more in The Engineering & Applied Technology field or become a CEO, Director or Manager.

Pathway to Degree and Jobs

  • We offer BSc in Information Technology and B IT in Network Technology – continuation from our Diploma programs
  • Offer better employment opportunity through partnerships with job placement agency and industry partners
  • Graduates are employed by established companies – Petronas ICT, Sumisho Ecommerce Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Japanese online shopping company based in Malaysia), SEA Telco Engineering Services Sdn Bhd (MAXIS Vendor) and YTL Communication Sdn Bhd


Renowned Guest Lecturers

  • Syllabus includes use of new technology including
  • Engineering: Fiber Optic, Satellite,
  • Networking: Wireless Networking, Mobile Communication,
  • IT: .NET Framework, Oracle Database
  • Most of lecturers come from difference industry background, research and teaching background, and expertise
    • Industry Background: HSBC Software Development, Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), SHARP Man. Corp.(M) Sdn. Bhd., Kenwood Electronic Technologies Sdn. Bhd., JVC Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Exxon Mobil Bhd., VS Industry Sdn. Bhd., TWINTECH Sdn. Bhd., Allianz Malaysia Bhd., INFOPRO Sdn. Bhd.,
    • Research & Teaching Background: UiTM, UTM, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), INTI International University, Multimedia University
    • Expertise: Software Engineering, Programming, Multimedia Systems, Broadcasting Systems, Engineering Management, Communication System, Video Engineering, Power Electronic Circuit & Modeling, Biometric Identification, Web Application, Human Computer Interaction, Mathematics, Routing Protocol And Concepts, LAN Switching And Wireless, Security & Forensic, Computer Environment, Healthcare System, High Power Factor & Efficiency Energy Conversion, Nanoparticles, Energy transfer studies, Image Segmentation for Skin Lesion Images in Automated Medical Diagnosis,
  • Some of lecturers have been involved in Special Project
    • UAE HSBC Telephone Banking System, RTM Satellite Project (DVB-S, DVB-S2), RTM Digital Television Project (DVB-T2), RTM Digital Radio Project (DAB+), Development HRW50/55 VCR-HDD-DVD video recorder, Development 1st generation SHARP Blue Ray player SHARP Audio Video, Design PCB (Printed Wiring Board) For Camcorder JVC Product,
    • Based on the experience in industry background, their expertise and special project, the lecturers are able to share their knowledge with the student about current industries and students will directly benefit from the lecturers’ experiences
List of Programmes Available
List of Contacts
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Dr Rohmad Fakeh 03-2604 6000 ext: 6075 Dean
Jasmin Salwa Binti Hamdan Head of Department
Mohammad Affan B. Mohd Noh Head of Department