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Diploma In Broadcasting & Film
KPT/JPS (R/321/4/0078) 04/19

Broadcasting & Film

Our programmes are highly regarded in the industry and this Diploma qualification will give you the skills and expertise needed to excel in a variety of roles in the TV and Film industry – from Filmmakers to Video Editors and Camera & Lighting Operators.

Who is this For?

This programme is designed to give an individual a solid understanding of the production and post-production processes used within the Film and Television industries. You will develop the techniques required to produce content for television programmes, commercials, music videos and feature films.

Programme Description

The world of broadcasting and film provides the next generation of storytellers with new opportunities both in front and behind the camera. For those who like broadcasting, this programme delivers exciting theoretical and practical lessons about the screen media. Students will get into the action of doing broadcasting in a mock studio to help build their confidence and creative talents at a professional level.

Programme Aims

The aim of this programme is to impart students with the creative and technical know-how in film, television and radio production. It is set out to develop a balance between the artistic and commercial aspects of the industry and be exposed to a variety of practices and players while also being able to create new story ideas, manage and oversee the creative production and development processes.

Career Prospects

In the film industry, there are an array of employment opportunities open to graduates with this Diploma, including being a director, announcer, off/online editor, scriptwriter, production designer or producer. A graduate with an interest in recording could look forward to a career as a sound/music mixer, sound editor or studio manager. In the field of broadcasting, there are numerous television and radio broadcasting careers for graduates with this Diploma. They can work as a camera operator, programme director, production manager, art director, scriptwriter, producer, cinematographer, video editor or station manager.

Entry Requirements

  • SPM/SPMV with 3 credits in any subjects including English
  • Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with at least Grade B in 3 subjects
  • Certificate in related field from Polytechnic
  • Other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Government of Malaysia

Semester Duration

8 Semesters

Key Subjects

  • Reading, Vocabulary & Grammar I & II
  • Drama & Role-Play in English
  • Visual Storytelling
  • PC Competency
  • Contemporary Business
  • Introduction to Media Studies
  • Introduction to Film Studies
  • Screenwriting I & II
  • Media Law & Ethics
  • Production Management
  • Basic Academic Reading & Writing
  • Cinematography, Camera & Lights
  • Radio Production
  • TV Production
  • Fundamentals of Audio & Video Editing
  • Essential Business Communication Skills
  • Music for Picture
  • Production Design
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Communication Research & Method
  • Screen Directing Fundamentals & Aesthetics
  • Multi Camera Production
  • Sound Production and Technology
  • Digital Photography / Photojournalism / Media and Psychology / Introduction to Journalism / Public Relations / Graphic Layout and Design
  • Project


Voon Chyi Cherng (Philip Voon)
Class of 2013
Programme: Diploma In Broadcasting & Film

“ KLMU taught me real world practical skills applicable in production – pre, pro and post which makes me what I am today”

Mazieatul Nabiela Mazlan
Class of 2013
Programme: Diploma In Broadcasting & Film

“ KLMUC is not only just a university – it’s a mirror image of the media industry”

Mohd Faris Mohd Isa
Class of 2013
Programme: Diploma In Broadcasting & Film

Saya berpeluang untuk merasai pengalaman dunia sebenar penyiaran dan perfileman

Dino Sharti A/L Pachiyappan
Class of 2013
Programme: Diploma In Broadcasting & Film

“ Friendly and knowledgeable lecturers made my experience at KLMU a wonderful experience”